Creating more written content isn’t enough.

You need well-researched content and marketing-focused copy that helps your company achieve measurable business goals.

Writers who can string sentences together are easy to find. But a writer who takes the time to understand your company, listen to your concerns, and can craft detailed copy isn't as common. That’s where I come in.

I combine my technical and marketing background with a carefully researched approach to translating complex topics into content that drives more leads and sales.

My writing is designed to educate your prospects and get more leads into your sales funnel using articles, web copy, white papers, case studies, email newsletters, and more.

Clients have hired me and published hundreds of my articles and pages of web copy. But my focus isn’t just about creating more content for your company. I’m dedicated to providing the right content for your project — content that helps you meet real business objectives and increase your bottom line.

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Jeffrey Trull


I'm Jeffrey Trull, Portland-based copywriter and content strategist, working with clients worldwide. Find out more about me on my Bio page.

Or you can see the copywriting and content strategy services I offer.

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